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Conference Scope

This leaves us with four indisputable challenges:

  1.  Achieving food security by and  for the food insecure millions as soon as possible;
  2.  Repairing and preparing our ecosystems/resource-base in order to feed the estimated, additional 1 billion people in Africa by 2050 and achieve sound economic diversification and growth while contributing significantly to sustainable development;
  3. Actualizing the next new frontier pathway through building on some practical action already under way at the regional level as manifested by the Maputo and Malabo declarations and putting in place policies that incentivize increased private sector involvement in ecosystem based adaptation (EBA) driven agriculture in order to bring in capital and enhance competitiveness and a business culture
  4. Shifting the current paradigms towards reinvesting natural resource revenues into EBA driven agriculture as well as increased investment from oil earnings back into the Earth’s ecosystems that feed us.

Using the perspectives and experiences of the participants to map gaps and build inroads between important initiatives, programmes and institutions, the conference will amplify the voice of the unheard and demonstrate the opportunities for Ecosystem based climate-smart, resource-efficient practices that can truly catapult Africa out of the pack of food insecurity.

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About the Conference

The 2014 Africa Progress Panel report presents the two faces of Africa: robust economic growth and continuing poverty. But the report suggests Africa could change this duality by asking: how can resources make a positive impact on development?