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Dr. Cosmas Ochieng

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Dr. Cosmas Ochieng is the Executive Director of ACTS.  Dr. Ochieng has held various positions in a number of university,  research, development and conservation organizations around the world. These include IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature); Technical University of Denmark (DTU - UNEP Risoe Centre); Lancaster University (Lancaster Environment Centre); Ecoagriculture Partners, IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute); ActionAid International (UK); IDRC (International Development Research Centre); Kenyatta University and IIRR ( International Institute of Rural Reconstruction).


Dr. Ochieng has conducted research, policy analysis and teaching in the areas of agriculture and food security; sustainable land, water and energy ecosystems management;  biodiversity and natural resource governance;  national systems of innovation;  international trade and development; green economy and climate change; ICTs and development in Africa;  and political economy of African agrarian development. Dr. Ochieng holds a Bachelor of Arts (First Class) Honours Degree from Kenyatta University (Kenya), a Masters in Development Studies (Distinction) from Cambridge University (UK) and a DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) in Development Studies from Oxford University.

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The 2014 Africa Progress Panel report presents the two faces of Africa: robust economic growth and continuing poverty. But the report suggests Africa could change this duality by asking: how can resources make a positive impact on development?